She put her Red Hat on and left,

Nervous, but determined.

The sun was setting, the air was cold.

The woods around town looked like a hidden corner in a nightmare.


She followed the path leading to a clearing,

And there she sat on a fallen tree,

Waiting for what cannot be changed.


Darkness fell and the noises of the night got louder.

Two emeralds emerged  from the trees and came towards her.

She knew it was him.


The girl with the Red Hat followed the Beast to his lair.

He sniffed her and sensed fear.

She felt like fainting, but held still. There was a chance she could win.


Big eyes, big nose, sharp teeth: everything the others said she would see.

Her grandmother´s voice, inside her head, kept saying:

“Stare him in the eyes and kill!”


His wolf´s head hangs on a wall in her living room these days. A war trophy.