These candles? I´ll tell you why, my boy.


When I got into the bloody room

They all opened their corpse eyes and said:

“Run, child, run for your life!”

Their ghostly voices strangely carrying a genuine concern.


All Bluebeard´s  women in that dark red room.


Maria was a poor shepherdess, who was starving when he found her in that filthy hut.

Dressed her in silk and draped her in pearls, and then starved her heart.


Catherina , the Italian Countess, was all joy and exuberance.

He envied that.

His carriage dragged her around the village one night

Until you could not tell her from her ragged clothes.


Louisa, the free-thinker, or so she thought, was the one who took longer to die.

He crushed all her bones with a hammer, little by little, and threw her in the room with the others, still agonizing.


And I, the youngest of them all, fell for what I thought was a flame of life in his eyes.

So wrong. It was hatred.


I almost died in his hands. But when he was about to cut my head off,

my dear brothers came to my rescue.

The good men who taught me how to climb trees, and jump in a river, and tell jokes, and fight, and laugh, came to help me in my darkest hour.


They brought three swords. One for me. And we fought the monster together.


When it was all over, we took the women´s bodies and buried them.

Years later, when your father came to the village, nobody remembered that anymore. They had forgotten how monstrous some human beings can be.


That is why, my son, I light these three candles every night. In the memory of my sisters . One for each of Bluebeard´s dead wives, whose fortune was so different than mine.