Tão diferente, tão semelhante

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Diz-me a quem odeias e te direi quem és. Uma pequena variação do ditado tradicional, mas que traz um fundo de verdade. Assim como no amor, no ódio há também uma certa identificação com o objeto odi…

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Gente de Bem ou O estranho caso de Dr. Jekyll e Mr. Hyde

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Em uma época em que se fala tanto em “gente de bem”, é impossível não lembrar de O estranho caso de Dr. Jekyll e Mr. Hyde, de Robert Louis Stevenson, ou O Médico e o Monstro, título pelo qual o con…

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As Coisas Selvagens

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Um bom livro de literatura infantil não é aquele que tenta doutrinar ou moralizar seus leitores. Não é, tampouco, um manual de comportamento. Um bom livro para crianças é aquele que rompe as barrei…

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The Changeling

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Martino di Bartolomeo

Martino di Bartolomeo

They yell at me

And tell me I’m not their child.

Yet, here I am

Wearing these clothes, eating this food

Sleeping on this bed, and carrying their name.

They say the fairies are angry

And jealous.

They took the wonderful boy

And brought me here, instead.

Their sweet, golden, perfect boy,

Who lived only in their dreams and expectations.

I know nothing of fairies, of forests, of evil.

All I know is that I’m hungry and cold.

Words don’t come out of my mouth the way they do to other people.

My legs don’t move the same way as other people’s.

But I feel exactly the same way other people do, and I cry, and laugh, and grieve just the same.

Changeling, Changeling from Hell.

That’s what they call me.

Oh, boy,

Hell is where I am right now.

Fora da Torre

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Fora da Torre.

Face it, Little Red!




– Wolf Girl ( image by Anne Siems : http://www.annesiems.com )


In the company of wolves

Life goes on.

Some wolves beat us up,

Some others help us grow.

There´s no way to escape them

Not even if we wanted to.

Some wolves live so close,

They live inside of you.

You shouldn´t be afraid of wolves,

Come on, be wise.

The image you see in the mirror

Is actually a wolf, in disguise.



Since Polonius only cared to advise Laertes…




To Ophelia,

Dear girl, I am writing to tell you about things. Things that are, and things that have not been yet, but could be one day. To tell you that it is not your fault that something is rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark , and that men´s politics are made for their own sake, not yours. You will grow to make your own rules.

I am writing to tell you that your body is yours and so is your mind. Treat them well. They are your property, just like the smile you choose to cast upon people. Your hair is beautiful the way it is and your eyes are the windows of your beautiful soul.  

I wanted you to know that there are many mistakes at court. Not all the ladies want to marry the prince. Or to be mothers. Or even wives. However, whatever you choose to be, be it with all your heart. Only then you will fell the value of your life.

Look after the people who come to you and look you in the eye, but pass the ones who put a price to your care. Keep far away from those who want to cut your wings. Flying is non-negotiable.

Sing, dance, laugh a lot, but do not use your voice or your body to create an image that is not true to you.

Keep in mind that you are not the center of the universe: you are dust. You share this planet with other beings and you are not better or worse than anything or anyone. You just are. And that should be enough.

Love, love very much, Ophelia. Do not be afraid to love, ever. Love is the main reason of our existence.  But if not loved in return, move on. Who knows what good things might be waiting for you down the road? Give life a chance to show itself.

I hope this letter reaches you in time. They stole you from me, but could not erase my love for you. Search for me inside yourself, my angel, and I will be there to save you from madness.

And Ophelia, be careful, be very careful when you go near the river.


Your mother.

(For all women, on International Women´s Day)

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